Coalition for the Protection of Democracy (COPDEM) was formed by Nigerian Citizens inspired by the urgent need to contribute to the development of partisan politics and good governance in Nigeria.

The Citizens includes every Nigerian that subscribes to the ideals of Egalitarian Nigeria as enumerated in the Aims and Objectives of COPDEM as stated in our constitution.

COPDEM operates as Independent Political Action Group (PAG) herein defined as “an organization that pools Human Resources and Campaign Contributions from members to campaign for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation”.

The legal term Political Action Committee, PAC, was created in pursuit of campaign finance reform in the United States, but Democracies of other countries use different terms for the units of campaign spending or spending on political competition for the purpose of influencing elections.

In forming COPDEM, we affirm our commitment to the unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the leading role of the Nigerian state in the economic and social empowerment of all Nigerians as a pre-requisite for sustainable democracy and prosperity of the people.

COPDEM was initiated in view of the imperatives to establish a robust prodemocratic movement across party, tribal, regional, and religious sentiments to champion the cause of protecting Nigeria’s democracy from corruption and destabilisation.

In the pursuits of these lofty objectives, COPDEM was created and structured to connect members from national to the Ward levels to ensure that all patriotic Nigerians are carried along in promoting and protecting our cherished democracy.

The mission of COPDEM is to promote and protect the ideals of democracy in government policies and practices for good governance and dividends of Democracy for all.

The vision of COPDEM is for a prosperous nation in peace and unity.

Free and fair elections are critical to the objectives of COPDEM as well as ensuring equal opportunities for all Nigerians from all backgrounds and in all aspects of the national life.

Critical to the formation and concerns of COPDEM is the conduct of the 2023 general elections.

There were glaring gross violations of the 2022 Electoral Act as well all sorts of malpractices perpetrated by parties, politicians, and the electoral body INEC.

Patriotic Nigerians, civil societies and the international community have generally expressed their dissatisfaction with the manner and outcome of the whole process and the implications of these to the future of Nigeria as a country. The revelations of the recently released European Union’s Report on the conduct of the 2023 electoral cycle is a clear and unbiased testimony that our democracy is sick and in jeopardy.

However, the COPDEM project is much bigger than the agitation for the judicial resolution of the 2023 elections petitions. It is about being the unbiased and nonpartisan promoters and protectors of Nigeria’s democracy.