Another Set Of “Omuma Magic Results” Rear Their Ugly Heads From Imo Government House

…reports of massive thumb-printing and conspiratorial uploading of fake results from Imo LGAs without voting reaching us

…INEC must not set the South-East on fire by conspiratorially accepting and uploading “Omuma Magic Results” on its server

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) is again issuing this statement of extreme urgency bringing global attention to the above. This urgent statement is not only geared towards exposing the above but also to warn the integrity challenged Independent National Electoral Commission that there are far reaching consequences that follow the electoral umpires and their officials gravely engaging in brutal subversion of the sacred electoral wishes of the Nigerian People. The Commission must therefore bust the “looming Omuma Magic Presidential Results” in Imo, expose those involved and discontinue the planned injection of such criminal results into the 2023 Imo Presidential final results.

Intersociety had in late evening of 24th Feb 2023, raised alarm, titled: Presidential And National Assembly Polls May Most Likely Be Delayed In Anambra Or Not Held At All In Many Areas Of The State. Intersociety’s alarm not only came to fruition on Election Day of Feb 25, 2023 but also the polls, as predicted, were grossly marred by late arrival of voting materials and INEC officials leading to Election Day disenfranchisement of estimated 40% of over 2m that trouped out to vote as well as non-holding of the polls in several polling units across the State numbering hundreds.

Furthermore, hours ago this morning, Sunday, Feb 25, 2023, Intersociety was again credibly alerted by some informed and credible sources as follows:

  1. “That massive thumb-printing of ballot papers have been going on since yesterday (25/2/2023) in restricted circles of the Imo State Government House in Owerri”
  2. “That the massive ballot papers’ thumb-printing is being supervised by conformist and compromised INEC officials”
  3. “That the chief motive behind the despicable conduct is to produce “Omuma Magic Presidential Results” for the central ruling APC and its presidential candidate to maximally get him to ‘win’ Imo State or minimally score 25% in pursuit of the constitutional 25% spread in 24 States including Imo”.
  4. “That the Imo State Government also secured the criminal services of some top INEC ICT experts from Abuja, numbering 15 who landed the State yesterday (25/2/2023) by 1pm and headed to the Omuma home residence of the head of the Government of Imo State”.
  5. “That the secured 15 INEC ICT experts have been gubernatorially quartered and protected since their arrival yesterday (25/2/2023) afternoon”
  6. “That they are likely to be partly responsible for stalling the INEC server accessibility which has remained inaccessible or shakily accessible since yesterday for purpose in furtherance of grand plots to massively subvert the sacred electoral wishes of the voters of Imo State and South-East at large”.
  7. “That incontrovertibly correct is the fact that elections did not take place in several parts of Imo State on Election Day of yesterday (25/2/2023) largely owing to fears instilled on conscientious voters by the “Government Unknown Gunmen” so as to ground the areas and stop the electorates from coming out to vote”.
  8. “That the affected areas cut across at least ten Local Government Areas including substantial parts, if not the whole of Oru East, Oru West, Orlu, Orsu, Ohaji-Egbema, Okigwe, Ideato North, Ideato South, etc; and some say, ‘Njaba and Mbaitolu areas’”.
  9. “That most, if not all the communities located in some of the above named Local Government Areas of the State did not record any voting”.
  10. “That it was on the premises of the above that the ongoing massive thumb-printing of ballot papers in restricted corners of the Imo Government House and their electoral midwifery by tainted and compromised INEC ICT and thumb-printing “experts” was predicated in order to fill up the ten LGAs and their polling units/electoral wards where elections never took place with concocted results”.
  11. “That on a general note, widespread manipulation of presidential poll results under INEC midwifery is ongoing across the country especially in the opposition strongholds”.
  12. “That a typical case in point is the widespread inaccessibility of INEC central server since yesterday which ICT experts contacted; blamed on INEC sinister motive and maliciously created with “internal code-issue”, done so as to have a sole field day in uploading grossly manipulated presidential results”.
  13. “That this is more so when only national assembly results are said to be “uploadable” and presidential results blocked”.
  14. “That uploading of the fake presidential results are indiscriminate especially in Lagos where group violence was openly unleashed by the State/central ruling party and its presidential candidate on non native resident voters and results of their voting openly compromised by INEC staffers with impunity”.

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