The Electoral Shame in Rivers State

The Labour Party scored 588 votes, the APC received 12 votes, and the PDP secured only 9
votes. However, the APC increased their votes to 170 and then removed all of the Labour
Party’s votes, giving the Labour Party a total of zero votes. Unfortunately for the APC, they
forgot to change the vote count in words, only changing the figures. Moreover, there were
errors in the calculation, as the total number of valid votes should have been 613, but the sum
of the votes allocated to all the political parties was only 183 votes. This sum should have
been equal to the total valid votes. If you calculate the original/correct votes, which are
written in words as 588 votes for the Labour Party, 12 votes for the APC, 9 votes for the PDP,
3 votes for the ZLP, and 1 vote for the ADP, you will arrive at the correct ‘Total Valid Votes’
of 613. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, the Governor of Rivers State, is said to have colluded with the
APC presidential candidate to manipulate the election in Rivers State. This act was
purportedly motivated by his ongoing conflict with his fellow PDP presidential candidate,
despite being a member of the same party. Upon accessing the official Independent National
Electoral Commission (INEC) portal, the precise election outcome can be viewed. It begs the
question as to how one could deduce the election winner from such results.


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